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Summerhouses essex
Summerhouses essex

Harveys offer the Eden range of greenhouses which all come with a 12 year frame guarantee covering both workmanship and material. We also offer the Halls greenhouse range.

Eden is one of the UK's longest established greenhouse manufacturers and has an enviable reputation for quality and value.

Benefits include:

Robust construction. Don't confuse our greenhouses with low specification 'cheapies' made to a price.
Easy to assemble. Clearly illustrated instructions supplied.
Models to meet all greenhouse gardening needs.
Many models have extra-high eaves for more growing space and working comfort, but are not too high to heat economically.
High-quality aluminium framework for long life without maintenance.
Most models available in aluminium or green frames.

Small Greenhouses
Eden Acorn
Sizes 6x4 to 6x10
Eden Clearline
Sizes 6x5 to 6x9
Eden Countess
Sizes 5x6
Eden Highline 6ft
Sizes 6x8 to 6x10
Eden Lean-to 4ft
Eden Lean-to 2ft
Clearline Lean-To 2ft

Medium Greenhouses

Eden Highline 8ft
Sizes 8x8 to 8x14
Eden Sherborne
Sizes 9x10 to 9x14 1/2
Eden Pleiades
Sizes 10 1/2x10 1/2
Eden Lean-to 6ft

Large Greenhouses

Eden Monarch
Sizes 10x12 to 10x20
Eden Gardener
Sizes 12x16 1/2 to 12 x 32 1/2

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