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Summerhouses essex
Summerhouses essex

Terms of Sale

25% deposit payable with order, balances to be paid one week before delivery.
Debit/Credit cards are accepted - 3% surcharge for credit cards (we do not accept American Express).

No claim for shortage or damage can be entertained unless made within three days of delivery. Specifications stated will be adhered to as far as possible but the Company or company we act as agents for reserves the right to make any alteration, which may be necessary or advantageous.

Prices stated hold good for at least 14 days after dispatch of catalogue or written/verbal quotation. The company reserves the right to cancel any order by notifying the customer and returning money paid in full. In the event of a cancellation of any order by a customer due to unforeseen circumstances the company reserves the right to deduct a nominal sum to defray out of pocket expenses from any money paid above the 25% deposit. Deposit is non-returnable. 

Cancellation of standard designs cannot be accepted after 7 days from the date of order. Cancellation of an order which is of special nature (i.e. not a standard design) cannot be accepted after receipt of the customer's firm written instructions. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that all details on the order are correct.

If on the arranged day of delivery/assembly of the building it is not possible to gain access to assembly location or the base is not of a suitable quality (which is the responsibility of the customer to pre-prepare - or Harveys can arrange for you) a surcharge will become payable for a return visit. 

Some areas may incur an additional delivery/installation charge - please ask (ie Scotland) 

All sizes of Timber, in specifications are nominal, i.e. sizes before matching, this is, of course, usual in the trade. All imperial sizes stated, are now in the nearest metric equivalent, i.e. 8ft x 6ft is 2.4m x 1.8m (7ft, 10 1/2ins x 5ft, 10 7/8 ins actual size).


Harveys at Woodside

Woodside Garden Centre

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